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Why should I use Credit Verfication?

Besides the obvious reasons to protect your investment, you also protect yourself and other tenants by getting a complete screening. Reducing the chances of having to go through the costly proceedings of an eviction is another good reason. Perhaps the biggest reason is you help protect yourself from possible discrimination claims. Since we are a third party we almost never meet the applicant nor do we hear their stories. Therefore, we remain neutral and investigate only the facts and numbers. By having this disconnection, no matter what our report results are they are strictly factual and do not breach any of the Fair Housing Act laws. The property owner can then, simply pass on the information to the applicant from the completed investigation. If you are not familiar with the Fair Housing Act, it is highly recommended you review these laws. You may be very surprised to see how easily they are broken even if it is an innocent unintentional act.

How much does it cost to become a client of Credit Verfication?

Zero! Credit Verification does not charge the property owner any fees. There are no contracts or long term commitments either.

Can you help if I have only one or two properties?

Absolutely! Rather you own one property, many properties or a large complex you will get the same thorough investigation, report and personal service for each application submitted.

How do you get paid for the screening service?

It is standard practice to charge an application/screening fee to a potential tenant. This shows the seriousness of the applicant wanting to rent your property because they are willing to absorb the investment. It also helps to eliminate trouble applicants with past evictions and landlord judgments because they become aware that you screen your tenants. They pay the landlord and the landlord pays Credit Verification. It’s a very simple process that has worked easily for nearly 20 years.

Where do I get the tenant applications?

We have a complete and detailed application that is provided FREE to the landlord.

Can I use my own tenant applications?

No. There is specific legal verbiage and information that is required for us to complete the service(s). Most generic applications used do not provide this. We will however do our best to accommodate the first time client who already has a completed application from a potential tenant if at all possible.

Can the applicant go online and fill out the application?

Although we are feverishly working on this service, it is not available at this time. We do expect it to be available in the near future.

How long does a screening take?

Credit Verification offers several services to fit your personal needs. Packaged or a la carte’ services are available. The actual timing would depend upon the service(s) that you choose. However, be assured that all requests are completed in the most efficient time possible.

The tenant has to move in two days, and needs an answer today.

Although we do offer an expedited option for some situations, we will not cut our investigation short and provide you with partial information. This is the “story/emotional” side landlords can get caught up in when speaking to the applicant. If he/she has prolonged their moving situation until the last minute it’s best to step aside. Remain steadfast in letting them know you have a screening process to protect everyone involved.

How will I know if the tenant is right for my property?

Once our investigation is completed, you will get a report based on the facts and information found.

Whether the end result is favorable or not, you always have the final decision.

Does Credit Verification provide the lease?

No not at this time. We do however recommend that you have an attorney review any lease that you plan on using. Many of the generic type that landlords use do not fully protect all parties involved.

The applicant is from out of state.

No problem! Since Credit Verification is a nationwide service we can still complete a thorough investigation for you.

I live in one state, and my property is in another.

No problem! It does not matter where you live or where your rental property is within the United States, we can still help.

I have a Realtor or Property Manager that handles all this for me.

No problem! As the owner you become our client and simply add that person to the Client letter of agreement as a contact. The completed reports can then be forwarded to the contact person of your choice.

Can Credit Verification help with international applicants?

No. In order to provide you the best possible report they must live within the United States for a minimum of one year and have a valid Social Security number.

Can you advertise my property and find me a qualified tenant?

We are looking into expanding our services and are continually striving to fulfill client needs.

At this time however, we do not provide these services. Although we can suggest a reputable property management company to fill this need for you.

How do I sign up with Credit Verfication?

The property owner can call the office and request a Client letter of agreement form to be faxed or emailed to them directly. Or you may visit our website at and click on the “Sign me up” tab at the top of the page. Within 24 hours or less, you are placed in our database system and have access to all services and forms needed.

I am registered with you and ready for my first screening, now what?

Always review the application for completion and legibility. Complete your small portion and signature then submit it to us via fax or email. Once our work is done, you will get your report back via fax or email too.

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