Commercial Tenant Screening...

Leasing commercial property requires the same due diligence as renting residential property. The difference is that a legal entity will be the party responsible for paying the rent. Credit Verification looks into the viability of the applicant business and the credit payment history of the personal guarantor(s), providing you with information you need to choose good tenants.

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Comprehensive Report

$75 - Includes:

  1. Credit Payment History on Guarantor*
  2. Commercial rental history verification
  3. Landlord Judgment Search
  4. Entity Structure Verification
  5. Financials verified (if provided)
  6. Nationwide Criminal Records Check on Guarantor**
  7. Credit Trade References Checked

*Additional credit report $50 per person when listed on initial application.

**Additional criminal report $35 per person when listed on initial application.

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