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One of the many benefits of using Credit Verification is we never meet the applicant so there is no emotional connection. The report is built strictly on facts and numbers, a solid foundation upon which you may base your final decision. Other benefits? How about freeing up your time and peace of mind knowing that everything has been thoroughly and efficiently researched?

Credit Verification does NOT charge any fees to become a client. It is standard industry practice to charge an application fee to the applicant. An application fee can cover the cost of Credit Verification services and also shows the seriousness of the person(s) wanting to rent your property. When your applicant pays an application fee, you do not pay for the screening process to make an informed decision.

We offer several different services, a la carte or packaged, so you can choose what best fits your needs. We also provide the best and preferred tenant application to you FREE of charge. Get all the information you need, fast and easy, with no cost to you!

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Full Report

$55 - Single Applicant
$65 - Married Couple (same last name required)

  1. Credit Payment History
  2. Rental History Verification
  3. Employment Verification
  4. Income Verification
  5. Social Security Verification
  6. Debt to Income Ratio
  7. Landlord Judgment Search
  8. Previous Address Search
  9. Detailed Criteria Guide with Recommendation Report
Credit Payment History Only

$35 - Single Applicant
$45 - Married Couple (same last name required)

  1. Credit Payment History
  2. Social Security Verification
  3. Debt to Income Ratio
  4. Landlord Judgment Search
Criminal Background Check *

*Per person regardless of marital status
$35 - Nationwide

* Volume discounts available
P: 314-772-4500

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